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Through modern technology, we have great inventions at our disposal. This can make our lives a lot easier and convenient. What we have now, generations before us might have not had. We have electricity, running water, and plumbing. While we look at all the things we have today, we don’t give them much of a second thought because it’s something we’ve always relied on and used in our daily lives. One of the biggest things we rely on is plumbing. And while this isn’t something we dazzle around in our lives, it is something that gets brought up and does need a lot of work. A lot of work that many of us don’t know how to do unless we are plumbers Charlotte.

Plumbing And Common Plumbing Problems

A lot of people might not know what plumbing is and what the purpose of plumbing is. Essentially, plumbing uses pipes, valves, plumbing fixtures, tanks, and other apparatuses to convey fluids. For many people, they think of broken pipes and calling plumbers Charlotte to fix the problem. But plumbing problems can be more than just broken pipes and expenses. There are a lot of common plumbing problems. Here are some the most common problems plumbers in Charlotte see.

  • Dripping Faucets — Let’s face it. We’ve all had a dripping faucet in our house or apartment. People tend to just tune it out and ignore it. Don’t do that. A dripping faucet not only wastes water, but it also wastes money on your water bill.
  • Leaky Pipes — Leaky pipes are one of the most common plumbing problems. Luckily, they can be an easy fix! In many cases, pipes will begin to leak near the joints. So keep an eye out for wet spots or stains on the ceiling, ground, or pipe location. Water damage to your home can be a huge expense and if prolonged can be devastating. Leaky pipes are something that should be fixed as soon as possible.
  • Water Heater — Many people have no clue what a water heater does until they reach adulthood and have to take care of their own water heater. If you still don’t know, this is what helps you enjoy all those long hot showers. You won’t go without hot water for long without wanting to have your water heater fixed.

The list of potential plumbing problems for plumbers Charlotte to fix can go on and on. From clogged toilets to low water pressure and anything else you can think of — all plumbing issues should be checked and fixed to make your life a lot easier. This is why we have plumbers. Charlotte residents can rely on the experts at AAA City Plumbing to make their lives easier.

Get Help Finding Your Main Water Valve

Your Main Water Valve

However, there are some situations that you may not need plumbers Charlotte to make a service call if you have a bit of know-how. Keep reading for some advice on things many people can do on their own to improve their plumbing situations.

First off, you need to know about your main water valve. Especially about how to shut it off when necessary. Being able to do that will be a huge help on your plumbing endeavors. If a pipe bursts or breaks, you are going to want to know where the main water valve is located and be able to shut it off.

Finding out how to turn it off can save you a lot of money and the headache of having to clean and repair even more water damage. The main water shut-off valve can be found and located outside or inside your home, but the location can vary depending on the age of your home and local building codes. The easiest way to find your main water shut-off valve is by knowing the context of how your home was built, which can be slab, basement, or crawl space.

Because all homes are made differently, each one is going to have its own location for the main water valve.

Where To Look For Your Valve

If your house is built on slab, your main water shut-off valve should be near your water heater tank. It should be under the water heater or at the top of it. It could be shaped like a ring, called a gate valve, or it could be a lever type, called a ball valve. If it’s a gate valve, turn the valve right to shut the water off. If it’s a ball valve, turn the valve perpendicular.

Your main water shut-off valve could be located under the crawl space. Usually, you can find it along the front wall of the house underneath the crawl space.

If you have a basement, that is more than likely where you’ll find your shut-off valve. Most water shut-off valves in a basement will be on the opposite side of the wall of your hose bib. The easiest way to find that valve is to try and picture where the hose attachment would be located on the outside of your house. Picturing that, the corresponding wall on the inside will probably be where you’ll find the valve.

Even with the location at hand, your main water valve might be in an awkward space so calling a plumber in Charlotte for help should always be an option at hand.

What Charlotte Plumber Should You Choose?

Choosing between plumbers Charlotte might be hard because you want the best of the best. Make sure to do a lot of research on the matter and find a plumber that finds your needs, your house needs, and of course your financial needs.

AAA City Plumbing is based in Charlotte, as well as Rock Hill, South Carolina and we are here for you when you need us — 24/7. And we do it without breaking the bank. We will provide you with honest, detail-oriented services when you need it. Our goal has always been to provide quality professional plumbing services to families and businesses. Charlotte Plumbing provides you with plumbing specialists with thousands of satisfied customers. We train high-quality plumbers Charlotte so they are knowledgeable and able to provide excellence in customer service.

Having a great plumbing service is more than just having a professional that provides great service. It’s about having someone who can create a good and professional experience for everyone involved and making sure that you, the customer, are well taken care of. That’s exactly what AAA City Plumbing does and will do for you and your family to make sure that your plumbing needs are well taken care of.