Your toilet is not a topic of conversation, however, it is one of the most used fixtures in your home or business, and you need to make sure that it is always functioning as expected. Whether your toilet is obviously broken or just not working as it should, reach out to the professionals at AAA City Plumbing when you need toilet repair.

Do You Need a Toilet Service Call?

In need of having a toilet repaired or installed? Reach out to AAA City Plumbing for assistance in Charlotte NC or Rock Hill SC at 704-544-1909. There are several instances where the need for toilet repair is very obvious, such as when you are dealing with a significant clog that can’t be addressed by a simple plunger. However, there are other signs that your toilet may have issues that need to be addressed. If your toilet clogs persistently – even if you are able to clear it with a plunger – it may be a sign that there is an issue with the pipes. Inconsistent flushing, frequent leaks, or a persistent running sound can also indicate that there is an issue that needs to be addressed. While it can be tempting to simply ignore these issues as a minor inconvenience, ignoring a need for toilet system repair can cause water waste, high utility bills, and even water damage you may not uncover until it is too late.

When Should You Install a New Toilet?

There are some cases where you may be weighing the options of repairing your existing toilet or replacing it with a new one. For a minor issue, such as a small leak or a broken flapper, repairing the toilet can be a quick, easy, and inexpensive fix. However, in an older home where you are dealing with persistent problems such as cracks in the porcelain, significant wear, or frequent clogging, having the plumbing team at AAA City Plumbing install a new toilet can take care of the problem for good. If your toilet is older and you find yourself needing repairs often, it is worth investing in a new toilet. Newer toilets are far more efficient than older models, using significantly less water which can lead to utility savings over time, as well as being a more environmentally friendly choice.

The more quickly you address a toilet problem, the more effectively you can fix it. When you notice a problem with your toilet, contact us to help you find the underlying cause and make sure that your toilet continues functioning when you need it.