How to Fix a Leaky Toilet and Save Money on Your Water Bill

Do you know that a leaky toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water per day? Not only is this bad for the environment, but it can also significantly increase your water bill. Luckily, fixing a leaky toilet is a relatively easy task that can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. […]

Find the Best Plumber for Your Needs!

Scenario: It is late at night, and your bladder wakes you up. You stumble half-awake into your bathroom only to find that the floor is flooded with water. You are definitely awake now. You grab some towels to soak up the water, but struggle to find where it is coming from. You grab your tools […]

Septic Tank Services – Charlotte, NC

With owning a home there comes added maintenance and repairs that you as the homeowner are in charge of taking care of. All the way from yard work to home upgrades to plumbing, it’s up to you to keep your home in tip top shape. The last thing anyone wants is large scale repairs that […]

Do You Need To Schedule a Drain Cleaning?

Spring means a lot of things to a lot of different people. To many home and business owners, springtime equals the yearly and extensive spring cleaning. Vacuuming, dusting, and mopping – the chores can seem never ending sometimes. But what about the things you should be cleaning that you can’t really see? Your plumbing is […]

How An Emergency Plumber Can Save You Thousands

What Does An Emergency Plumber Do? At some point, an emergency plumber may be an essential part of keeping your home or business up and running. Sometimes the unimaginable will happen — leaving your house an absolute mess. This can be the result of a broken pipe, sewage system backing up or something else. At […]

How To Find The Best Plumber Charlotte

Life throws us many challenges. Some are as simple as making a decision on what to have for dinner or which kind of cake you’d like for your birthday. Other decisions are a little harder. Choosing which new car you’d like to buy, or where you’d like to go on summer vacation are decisions that […]

Flooding Impacts Charlotte Plumbers

Recently, parts of North Carolina — including in the Charlotte area — have been hit with floods. In fact, the Small Business Administration has approved North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper’s request for a disaster declaration for 10 counties where recent heavy rains led to flooding in homes and businesses. Those counties are Mecklenburg, Catawba, Alexander, […]

DIY Maintaining Your Kitchen Disposal | The Plumber’s Wife

A quick DIY maintaining your kitchen disposal with The Plumber’s Wife Have you ever wondered about the blades and all the kitchen debris that get pushed down your kitchen drain lines? Me either, NO I AM KIDDING, I do think about my plumbing drains and wondered if I should be maintaining my kitchen disposal so […]

DIY Tips From Your Charlotte Plumber

Not every plumbing issue is an emergency requiring a visit from your Charlotte plumber. Some of the things that pop up can be taken care of without becoming a big expense. There are also plenty of simple tricks you can do yourself. These should help you keep from having to deal with plumbing headaches around the home. […]

DIY Garbage Disposal Hack

Hey guys, last week I left you with the idea of six-month maintenance on your kitchen sink disposal. You can read about that quick plumbing tip from my blog post last week. Now moving along with our DIY garbage disposal hack……have you ever had your garbage disposal decide it’s not gonna turn at all and […]