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Charlotte and the surrounding areas are expecting an arctic blast and your home’s plumbing needs attention to be protected from freezing temperatures. Our area is expecting to see temps drop into the single digits by Friday.

Preparing your home for freezing temperatures is easier than you think. We want to help you be prepared for the cold weather and avoid plumbing problems from the frigid temps we are expecting in the Carolinas. Let’s run down a quick list to get you prepared.

How to Prepare Your Home’s Plumbing for Cold Weather

  1. Remove garden hoses from outdoor spigots. Place an insulated cover over the spigot. We challenged Brandy, “The Plumber’s Wife” to prepare her outdoor spigots and she did a great job! She shared a quick video on installing spigot covers on Instagram. If spigot covers are not available she had a great plumbing hack that will also work.
  2. Close any outdoor access to your crawlspace.
  3. Let the faucet drip.
  4. Open the doors under the faucet.
  5. Are you on a well? Make sure you have insulation around the bladder tank.
  6. Is your water heater protected with insulation or a water heater blanket?

These quick plumbing tips will help your home stay safe during the winter months here in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

Why is it important to take measures to ensure your home’s plumbing is protected from freezing temps?

When temps start dropping any water in your home’s plumbing pipes that are exposed to the elements can freeze. When water freezes it expands and puts pressure on the pipe which in turn can cause a leak, crack or burst. Taking the time to protect your home from bursting pipes is essential during the winter months in the Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Waxhaw, and Charlotte areas.

Protecting your water heater in frigid weather.

Water heaters that are in areas that are exposed to the elements, in the attic or even drafts need to be protected. Adding a simple water heater blanket that can be picked up at Lowes or Home Depot can help in protecting your home’s source of hot water. Not to mention the added benefits of a bit of savings on your bill.

Your well needs to be insulated from cold weather.

Take a peek under that well cover and make sure the insulation is in good condition. If there is no insulation make a quick trip to the hardware store and grab insulation. Wrap your well and bladder tank with insulation, cover it with a trash bag, and use tape to go around and secure the bag and insulation. Cover the well back up with the well cover. * Always wear gloves and be aware that spiders and snakes like to curl up under the well cover and in old insulation.

As professional licensed NC and SC plumbers, we are here to help protect your home and keep your water supply safe for your family. We have professional plumbers in your neighborhood give us a call if you have any frozen pipes. Plumbing coupons are available on our coupon page.