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Have a broken water line in your home or commercial business? The plumbing experts at AAA City Plumbing can help. Call them today at 704-544-1909!If you’ve noticed a rubbing sound from your pipes and a decrease in water pressure, it may be time to replace your water lines. Aging water lines are more susceptible to issues such as mineral build-up, ground movement, and the effects of freezing and thawing. At AAA City Plumbing, we offer reliable water line replacement and installation services to restore your water supply. Our skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced plumbing professionals are ready to address any plumbing issue quickly.

How Do I Know If I Need to Replace My Water Line?

Several signs indicate it’s time to replace your water line. While some are obvious, others are subtle hints that a replacement is needed. Here are some signs you might need to replace your water line:

– Drops in water pressure

– Water backflow

– Tree root intrusion

– Poor drainage

One of the most obvious signs is flooding inside or outside your home, indicating a burst line that needs replacement. Additionally, if your water line is old and you notice discoloration in your water, it might be time to install a new water line system.

Water Line Repair Frequently Asked Questions

How do I unfreeze a main water line?
A frozen water line can be extremely dangerous as it’s at risk of splitting or breaking. If you suspect a frozen water line, call your local emergency plumber immediately at 704-544-1909.

What causes air in water lines?
If you notice sputtering, bubbling, or pulsating water in your plumbing fixtures, there may be air in your water line. Common causes include:

– Pipe leaks
– Valve or pump malfunctions
– Sediment or mineral buildup
– Rust or corrosion
– Improper pipe repair or installation

For professional water line repair, call AAA City Plumbing at 704-544-1909!

How can I clear a clogged water line?
Your main water line is difficult to access and often requires a plumbing expert to clear any clogs. Our plumbers use advanced tools and technology to locate the issue and clear it effectively.

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