Clogged or slow-moving drains can be a source of frustration for home and business owners. Because minor clogs can be treated with store-bought solutions, many don’t think to bring in a plumber until the problem is too big to handle. In the past, hydrojetting was only available in commercial buildings, but because of the effective and long-lasting solution hydro jetting can provide, more plumbing services are offering this treatment to residential homes struggling with slow-moving drains. When you notice a slow-moving drain, make a call to AAA City Plumbing for drain cleaning before you find yourself dealing with a major headache.

Signs of a Clogged Drain

Do you require drain cleaning services in Charlotte NC or Rock Hill SC? Contact AAA City Plumbing today at 704-544-1909. You know when your drain is completely clogged, as water won’t move at all. But the signs that you are experiencing build-up that will eventually lead to a complete blockage can be harder to spot. If you notice that your sink or tub is draining more slowly, hear gurgling sounds when your pipes are draining, or notice an odor coming from your drain, you may have a clog forming.

What Causes Slow or Stopped Drains?

Most homeowners know that the best way to keep drains clear is to avoid allowing things that don’t belong in a plumbing system to get in there. However, clogs can build from everyday debris that run down the drain such as kitchen grease, product buildup, or hair. Water that is mineral rich can cause scale to build up, and this can also contribute to slow and stop drains. A plumbing professional can address the cause of your drain issues instead of merely clearing the clog.

What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro Jetting uses specialized tools to generate high water pressure, which is then used to easily scour the build-up that can be found inside pipes. The entire buildup can be effectively cleaned out in one treatment. The blockage will be cleared as the pipe is effectively cleaned, leaving a pipe and drain that will function well for an extended period of time after treatment.

For the most effective treatment, plumbers will begin by snaking the line and using a camera to do a visual inspection to determine the exact location and cause of the blockage. This will also allow the plumbing team to assess the condition of the pipes and determine whether or not it can stand up to highly pressurized water. Once the inspection has been completed, the plumbing team will feed the nozzle into the drain and use the appropriate pressure depending on the location of the line, the size of the pipe, and the type of clog. With the right equipment and skills of the technician, hydrojetting can address any kind of blockage, from grease or scale build-up to even tree roots.

Why is Hydro Jetting the Preferred Option?

Hydro Jetting visual of clogged pipe plumbing tool image underground removing tree roots. Contact AAA City Plumbing today at 704-544-1909.

While there are other options for cleaning slow or stopped drains, hydrojetting has become the preferred option for many plumbing systems. Drain snakes can be effective, but will often not remove the entire blockage or build up from the pipe, and it may not be long before the drain is moving slowly again. Chemical treatments can dissolve buildup, but over time, the chemicals can weaken the structure of the pipes, in addition to the environmental concern of chemical runoff. Finally, while drain snaking and chemical treatments may provide immediate results if the pipe was not completely cleared and cleaned during the treatment, build-up and blockages can occur again rather quickly, and that will result in requiring frequent short-term treatments.

Hydro Jetting can be an excellent solution for those who are looking to take care of their drainage problems in a long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and effective way. However, only a professional plumbing team has the tools and equipment to inspect your pipes to determine if you are a good candidate for hydrojetting.

Do you require drain cleaning services in Charlotte NC or Rock Hill SC? Contact AAA City Plumbing today at 704-544-1909.