Conventional Water heater VS Tankless

Water Heaters
So how do you decide on what type of water heater to go with? You hear everyone talking about tankless water heaters but when you have a conventional type (tank Type) water heater is it time to switch to tankless? Well there are some factors to help you decide. First is what type do you need electric, gas or maybe propane? We have found that electric tankless water heaters are usually quite troublesome but there are brands that work well but they are usually not very energy efficient as they require a lot of volts to run so if all possible try and go with a different fuel source such as natural gas or propane, We always inform our customers on the good and the bad on tankless water heaters such as yes with a tankless if you leave your hot water running for a month will it be hot when get back? Yes it will be as long as you pay the gas bill, water bill and the power bill, The down side is first the cost to install one its pretty expensive and the return on investment is usually 10 plus years the other down side is when it breaks down the parts are not just sitting on the shelf at your local hardware store so you may be without hot water for a few days. We firmly believe if you have a conventional water heater above any floors then yes switch to tankless the risks of a conventional water heater leaking through the ceiling is definitely not worth the risk especially if the water heater is seven plus years old. We love tankless water heaters we just want you to know both sides of owning one and for the most part they are great products and work very well. So we hope this little bit of information helps you in deciding what is best for your home but if you have any questions please reach out to us and speak with a expert, We have been specially trained in tankless water heaters and have the answers your looking for.