by AAA City Plumbing

Hey guys, last week I left you with the idea of six-month maintenance on your kitchen sink disposal. You can read about that quick plumbing tip from my blog post last week.

Now moving along with our DIY garbage disposal hack……have you ever had your garbage disposal decide it’s not gonna turn at all and just make that awful noise? Almost like its growling at you? I have a tip to tame that beast. Grab your broom, yes the broom you sweep the floors with, and head with me to the kitchen sink.

First, make sure the garbage disposal (the said beast) is turned off! This is very important. Next, put the broom HANDLE into the kitchen drain and get it wedged between the blades of the garbage disposal. Then give it a good push to un-jam the blades. Turn the garbage disposal on and see if the blades are running free. You may need to try this a time or two to get it unjammed.

Let me say here, that this trick may not work for all garbage disposal problems, BUT it is something to try before you call a professional plumber out to your home. Hubs say’s this works 99% of the time.

I am all about keeping a little squirrel money in my pockets by trying to fix small plumbing problems myself, but if you do need a professional plumber we do have plumbing coupons on our plumbing website and a garbage disposal coupon should you need it. If I can’t fix it myself I sure do love a coupon.

If you happen to use one of my plumbing tips please comment below and let me know if it helped you. ~The Plumber’s Wife