by AAA City Plumbing

A quick DIY maintaining your kitchen disposal with The Plumber’s Wife

Have you ever wondered about the blades and all the kitchen debris that get pushed down your kitchen drain lines?

Me either, NO I AM KIDDING, I do think about my plumbing drains and wondered if I should be maintaining my kitchen disposal so it can work properly to keep my kitchen drain free and clear off all the food pieces that get rinsed off the plates after dinner. I am sure our 17yr old scrapes most of those food pieces into the trash, not!

*Funny side note: Hubby hid the disposal switch from me in this new farmhouse. Typically your switch is on the wall but sense our kitchen sink is now in the island he installed it under the sink cabinet. So after flipping all the switches behind the grill on the wall, I had to ask ” Where is the disposal switch?” “Under the sink,” with a grin he says. I am curious is your garbage disposal switch under the sink or on the wall? Comment down below 👇🏻.

Back to the reason you are here, so it turns out that, yes we should be doing a six month maintenance on our garbage disposals. Every six months we can keep our disposal running properly buy putting ice down the kitchen sink and turning on the disposal. It helps keep those disposal blades sharp so your not getting debris trapped in those plumbing drains causing further plumbing problems for your home.

Pour the ice from your freezer into the sink > Turn on the water from the kitchen faucet > Turn the garbage disposal on > and slowly push the ice cubes down into the drain. Push all the cubes into the drain while the disposal is running.

DO NOT use your hands or fingers ever to push things into a operating garbage disposal !!! Buy all means do like the plumber here and use your wife’s favorite mixing spoon.

And TADA, you have just helped your home stay a little healthier in about 5 min.

Make a note on your paper calendar, goggle calendar or tell google home to remind you in six months to clean your garbage disposal.

I love sharing quick DIY tips that can help you keep your home protected from possible plumbing problems. Next week I have a few more tips on garbage disposals…….does your garbage disposal ever get jammed and the blades aren’t turning? I am gonna help you fix that yourself.

~The Plumber’s Wife

PS I always like to remind you if you find yourself in a jam and need a professional plumber call us for sure but also check our plumbing coupon page for the latest coupons. We also always respect our seniors and Vets with a regular discount. Thank you for your service.

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