by AAA City Plumbing

Scenario: It is late at night, and your bladder wakes you up. You stumble half-awake into your bathroom only to find that the floor is flooded with water. You are definitely awake now. You grab some towels to soak up the water, but struggle to find where it is coming from. You grab your tools out of the garage but have no real clue which one you are supposed to use on what piece of the toilet. After a couple of hours of frustration and undoubtedly a handful of curse words, you decide you need a plumber. But the only thing worse than needing a plumber is trying to find the best plumber, a reliable one.

That is where AAA City Plumbing comes in. We are dedicated to providing you quick, professional, and high quality services. We provide services Monday – Saturday, 6am – 12am, both residential and commercial, without breaking your bank. We have the experience and knowledge to be able to identify whatever your plumbing problem may be, and fix it. While it may be an emergency to you, there is nothing our skillful team has not faced. We hope to be leaving you with the best plumbing experience you have ever had.

Tips For Hiring the Best Plumber

  • Make sure your plumber comes licensed. Some states do not require licensing, so make sure to check for any complaints that may have been filed against any plumber you might consider.
  • Hire a plumber who has been in the business a while. It is always a good sign if the company you are hiring has been around for a while as it usually means that they have a great record of good work. They will be more experienced and most likely able to remedy any situation put in front of them.
  • The best plumbers come insured. Insurance will help to protect both you and the plumber in the event of an accident or injuries.
  • Any good plumber will guarantee their work. When looking for the best plumber, look to see if they provide a warranty for their work and the parts. Many plumbers will offer a one year warranty.
  • Always check the pricing. It is a good idea to get a few estimates before you hire someone for the job. Your plumber should be able to tell you what they need to do and give an accurate estimate for the parts and labor. Be wary of any estimate that is significantly lower than the others, as that company may be quoting using inferior parts or underestimating labor times leaving you with unexpected costs at the end.
  • Read the reviews. Look through the company’s references, seeing what their past customers have to say about the quality of their work will help you choose the best plumber for the job.
  • Assess your needs. Different companies may specialize in different services, and some may have the ability to tackle any and all jobs you may have for them. The best plumber for you may depend on if you need something repaired, replaced, or installed.
  • Check with your insurance company for referrals. Even if you aren’t having something fixed or replaced through your home insurance, they may be able to give you good referrals to companies that other customers have used in the past.

AAA City Plumbing’s mission statement is “Your Plumber Forever.” We strive to put our customers first, and have serviced homes and businesses throughout the Charlotte, NC and Rock Hill, NC areas for years. We are pleased to offer upfront pricing so you are never caught off guard, and guarantee industry leading services that are performed to your satisfaction.

Services We Provide

  • Repairs – We repair toilets, garbage disposals, burst pipes, sump pumps and more.
  • Installations – We install faucets, sinks, tubs, water filtration systems, water heaters, and more.
  • Inspections – Water and gas leak detection, video pipe inspections, back flow testing certifications, and so much more!

Call AAA City Plumbing today and you will be received by a friendly voice to listen to your needs, quick and easy service by licensed plumbers, and hopefully a long lasting relationship for all of your future plumbing needs.