by AAA City Plumbing

Not all plumbers are created equal. When it comes to your most valuable investment why would you just call the first plumber you find online? Well, there are a lot of things to consider like are they licensed? Do they have the proper insurance? how could you possibly know things like this? You would probably just expect them to have all the required credentials to be operating as a business but believe it or not, it happens every day. So what if they flood or damage your home you would expect them to pay for it right? but what if they are not licensed or insured it all falls on you so having a friend of a friend that worked on his grandfather’s plumbing come and work on yours you might not pay a lot then but when it fails you will more than likely be paying double to fix their mistakes so it’s always better to call a reputable company like AAA City Plumbing that has been in business for nearly years in both Carolinas and has all the required licenses and insurance plus all employees are vetted through background and driving records. So, in a nutshell, do your homework as we all know reviews can be fake but there are sites like the BBB and State Licensing boards that can tell you if they have the proper licenses or not. We hope you never need a plumber but if you do AAA City Plumbing is always there when you need them.