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Life throws us many challenges. Some are as simple as making a decision on what to have for dinner or which kind of cake you’d like for your birthday. Other decisions are a little harder. Choosing which new car you’d like to buy, or where you’d like to go on summer vacation are decisions that demand a little more thought. But what about the challenges in life that require you to put your trust in someone else? Challenges such as a plumbing issue. How do you find the right plumber Charlotte?

Choosing the right company to help you with any home or business plumbing issues can seem like a daunting task. Finding a plumber Charlotte is no different. Problems with your plumbing can be expensive and time-consuming if they are left unrepaired. Choosing a plumbing company that is inexperienced, uninsured or without a plumbing license will only add to those expenses and time.

Here are our top tips on the best way to choose a plumber Charlotte. By following these few guidelines, you can find a Charlotte plumber that can get the job done correctly. When you’re looking through the list of companies, you can use PLUMB to help you remember what to check for.

  • Price
  • License
  • Unhappy Customers
  • Make You Feel Comfortable
  • Bonded and Insured

Price Is Important

Any plumbing company should be able to provide you with an accurate estimate before starting any work. A trustworthy company will be willing to send an experienced plumber out to your home to assess the situation first. Be wary of anyone who gives out prices over the phone without coming to look at what needs to be fixed. That is how unexpected fees can come out of the blue, and suddenly you’re paying far more than you budgeted for.

Get A Free Estimate

The best way to get the best prices is to get estimates from three different companies. By comparing their rates, you’ll be able to choose a Charlotte plumber who is priced competitively. Having multiple estimates will also allow you to see what is included from each company. It’s the best way to root out any hidden fees.

Check For A License

In the state of North Carolina, anyone providing plumbing services must have a license to do so. Still, there will always be a handyman or company that will step outside of their expertise to make a quick dollar. While there are many capable and skilled handymen out there, you could end up with one who might be in over their head. Then you are left with a situation worse than it started. The only thing worse than having a plumbing expense is having to pay a second person to correct something you’ve just paid for.

Because North Carolina requires a license to be a plumber Charlotte, you’ll know they have the expertise. Any journeyman or master plumber is required to have at least 4000 hours of experience to even be able to take the exam. Looking for a company with a valid plumbing license will help weed out people who won’t be able to stand by their work.

Reviews — Are There Many Unhappy Customers?

It is easy to see which companies to avoid when it comes to reviews. If you come across a plumbing company that has a handful of bad reviews, it might be a good indicator to keep looking. But keep a couple of things in mind when you read bad reviews.

  • When were the reviews posted?
  • Do they seem legitimate?
  • Did the company respond?

Bad reviews from 6 years ago are likely not accurate for how the company is now. Most companies will take great steps into fixing major problems that customers are experiencing. Any review that seems like it doesn’t make any sense, or from someone who seems incredibly jilted might not be valid. While they aren’t seen as often on Google and Yelp, unfortunately, internet trolls do exist.

One of the best indicators of a reputable company is how and how quickly they respond to any negative reviews. Did they reach out to the customer? Did they try to make amends? Any company who is willing to listen to customers concerns and come to an agreeable resolution is likely one focused on keeping happy customers.

Are You Comfortable With Your Company Choice?

Bottom line is any person or company that makes you feel uncomfortable is not a good fit. If things seem off, or the line of communication is poor, you might consider using someone else. Choose the Charlotte plumbing company that uses clean and respectful plumbers, and is quick to address any of your concerns.

Is Your Plumber Charlotte Bonded And Insured?

Why is it important to have a plumber who is bonded and insured? What does that mean, anyway?

A plumber or plumbing company who is bonded and insured means that if something unexpected happens that is their fault, they will pay for it. This ultimately protects you from having to go through the costly and timely process in court. Instead of spending the time and money to try to recuperate your expenses, an insurance and surety company takes care of it for you. Always ask any plumber you are looking to hire if they have these things.

Insurance is useful for many different scenarios. If the plumber accidentally breaks a pipe or floods your home, the insurance company will pay for the damages. In the event that the plumber on the job gets hurt, the blame is lifted from your shoulders. The company will have liability and workers compensation insurance to help cover the costs to any damaged property and medical expenses the injury accrues. Using an insured contractor or company shows they care for their customers, as well as their employees.

A contractor or company who is bonded helps to ensure that the company will stand by their work. If they don’t, the surety company that the bond is purchased through will help protect you and your money. Any evidence that the company failed to pay for permits, complete the work or pay their employees who are on site will be taken care of through the surety company. Also, if the contractor or company do the work but do it incorrectly or poorly and refuse to fix it the surety company can compensate you. This is all to keep people honest and fair. It also helps to maintain a competitive market for both the Charlotte plumbers and consumers.

Trust AAA City Plumbing

Remember these things, and you are ready to find a plumber in Charlotte. And if you are struggling to remember what to look for, always remember PLUMB. We’re confident that you’ll find no better choice than AAA City Plumbing anywhere around Charlotte. Contact us today for a free estimate.