by AAA City Plumbing

So most of us understand why its important to only hire licensed plumbers or contractors, reason being licensed contractors have to have a minimum of 4000 actual working hours to even be eligible to sit for the state exam. So this will tell you that they at least have some experience right? Yes. Non licensed (plumbers) contractors don’t have any proof of their experience so why would you even think about having someone without a plumbing license work on your home, I can guess why, Your trying to save a buck right? Well that supposed savings could actually cost you your home or even worse your life. WoW!! that’s really extreme you say. Ok lets break it down lets say your cousins cousins brothers sister husband knows how to do plumbing he comes over to look at a leaking gas line he says yup I can fix that no problem. After his supposed fix you start smelling rotten eggs (what natural gas can smell like) you don’t think anything more about it so you go about your business and leave for the day. later that day you pull up to your driveway and see fire trucks trying to put a fire out at your house you ask the firefighter what happen and they say we think you had a gas leak, You start thinking a gas leak how could that be oh yeah it just dawned on you Bubba just worked on our gas line so you call him up hand tell him what just happened he states no way it was my work, come to find out it was his work because he installed the wrong part, So you tell him (Bubba) your responsible for the damages and Bubba says good luck with that because I’m not insured or licensed.

You would be amazed at how often this happens and you could of avoided all this if you would of just asked a simple question are you licensed and insured. We all want to save money but when it comes to life or death there are things we don’t try and cut corners on. Even with companies that advertise are not always licensed or insured either. The best thing to do is ask or you can actually look individuals and companies up on the LLR website. We hope this will shed some light on why its so important to know whos doing work in your home.