by AAA City Plumbing

Have you ever heard your toilet just turn on without anyone have used it? maybe there’s a ghost in the house using the restroom lol well unless your house is haunted its probably just a bad flapper seal but here’s a guaranteed tip how to find out if your toilet is running or seeping water.

Tip: Get some food coloring and put just a few drops in the tank then let it sit for at least 1 hour without anyone flushing it during that time, If after the test time is up and you see the food coloring in the bowl portion of the toilet then you have water seeping and needs to be fixed immediately because that 10 dollar seal could end up costing you thousands for a drain field repair or if your on city sewer  its running up your water bill and sewer bill.

We hope this will help and potentially save you money but if you need a experts opinion just give us a call.