by ngfmarketing

When taking a shower does the water come up to your ankles? Or when you let the water out of your kitchen sink does it go down slowly or come up in the other side? or maybe when your washing machine is on its spin cycle can you hear water gurgling in the toilet or the kitchen sink? If any of these are occurring in your home then you are having draining issues. Some slow drains can lead to bigger problems such as possibly flooding your home once its completely stopped up or putting extreme stress of the drainage system possible causing leaks in the pipes. No we are not trying to scare you these are definitely issues you want to get resolved by a licensed and insured plumber. Most of the time slow shower drains are just hair accumulated in the screen which you can remove and pull the hair out and that usually takes care of that but if the entire system is running slow you will need a licensed and insured plumbing professional as this can get serious and costly if not handled by a professional and luckily you have the best at your finger tips, AAA City Plumbing is not only the best at drain cleaning but has all the professional equipment to handle any drain issue and has been for over 30 years, But please before any drain clogs become even more costly give us a call and get more information on your particular situation. We hope this will help but do know AAA City Plumbing is available 24/6 to provide drain cleaning emergency services, residential, industrial and commercial.